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Dollhouse Decor & More - By Joanna Campbell Slan and Christine Verstraete

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 Office Sets: Lady's Desk Set, C Verstraete; Gentleman's Desk Set - J Slan

Soft Goods: A Wildly Modern Set, Ocean Set - J Slan

Raggedy Ann Pillows - C Verstraete

Greenery: Bonsai Plants, J Slan - Easy Punch Petunias - C Verstraete

Ferns, Plants and Topiaries - J Slan

Window Box Flowers and Heart Topiary, C Verstraete

Candles and Wreaths: Candle Trays, Jar Candles - C Verstraete

Assorted Candles - J Slan

Assorted Wreaths - J Slan



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